What's a Good, Simple Alternative to Quicken?


Episode 1758

Helen from California

Helen uses Quicken to manage her expenses, but now she can't log in. It just crashes. Leo says that older versions of Quicken have been left by the wayside and it may be time to upgrade. 

But if she needs more than simple receipt tracking, Leo suggests looking at QuickBooks. Leo uses the online version. It's run by Intuit, which created Quicken, but sold it. So Leo recommends going with the original QuickBooks. It starts at about $7.50 a month. And she can run it from her browser. A much better choice.

She could also reinstall Quicken. Back up data first.

Why Won't Gmail Let Me Send Invoices From Quickbooks?


Episode 1713

Airshow Rob from New Hampshire

Rob has Quickbooks 2020 and Gmail is blocking his ability to send an invoice. Leo says there's a link in Quickbooks that says "mail this invoice." It will launch Gmail in your browser. If it blocks it, it sounds like Intuit hasn't made a deal with Google to do that. Rob may also have to log into Gmail and authorize it. The authorization can also expire.

What software can I use to run my business?

Episode 1371

John from Baton Rouge, LA

John recently bought a business, but the software that runs it is hard to use. Leo says that the problem with custom software is that it isn't usually documented or user friendly. Leo says that a good CRM program will serve him well. CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management." Add in inventory control and he's looking at SalesForce.com as his best bet. It's cloud based, too. Quickbooks is good for accounting. Microsoft's CRM software is also very good.

Is there a good equivalent to Quicken that I could use on multiple computers in the cloud?

Episode 898

Nate from Los Angeles, CA

He could use Quickbooks. They have software and a service online for a monthly fee, but this might be more than what he's looking to do.

Leo would suggest Mint from Intuit. It's free online, and instead of entering all the data himself, he would connect this to all of his accounts. It's completely safe to use because it uses the same backend service that all of the major banks use, Yodlee. So they have all of his banking information already anyway.