PST files

How Can I Back Up My AOL Email?


Episode 1796

Kirk from Phoenix, AZ

Kirk is an AOL user with Microsoft Outlook, and he wants to know how he can back up his email. His email PST file is 13.9GB! AOL recently eliminated all of his 2020 emails and he wants to make sure he has a copy, just in case. Kirk is also concerned that his email doesn't appear on his iPad.  Leo says it's a good time to get out of AOL and try another service. Leo recommends Gmail. 

Where are the Attachments on my Emails?


Episode 1572

Perry from Glendale, California

Perry uses Outlook and he doesn't get attachments. Plus Outlook keeps freezing. Leo says that he can go into the settings and enable "include attachments", but it's turned off by default for security reasons. As for the freezing, Outlook saves data in a PST file and sometimes it gets corrupted. When it does, it can cause Outlook to freeze. Run SCAN PST to fix it. But Leo says that Outlook is a bag of hurt and another email program would be much easier to deal with.

How can I import POP3 email?

Episode 1177

Bill from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bill has a Windows desktop and a MacBook Pro and he wants to sync them together with email. He uses POP3. Leo says to stop using that, and use IMAP instead. IMAP is the best way to go because it doesn't take his email off the server. POP3 downloads email and then deletes it from the server. So Bill should go with IMAP and then he can have a central location for all of his email that's accessible from any device.

How can I get Outlook to open?

Episode 1089

Doug from Upton, CA

Doug has an Outlook problem. He can't start it, open it, or access any of the data. Leo says that Outlook is a hassle because it puts all it's data into one big furball of a PST file. Often it can get corrupted, and then causes this kind of issue.

Doug could try to locate that PST file, back it up, move it out, and then hold down the ALT key and select "rebuild the index file." Microsoft has a tech note on how to do it.

Why did Outlook stop working?

Episode 1086

Byron from Irvine, CA

Byron has a Windows Vista machine, but after the update on May 16th, Outlook stopped working. The upgrade is constantly "in progress." Leo says what he doesn't like about Outlook is that everything is stored in one huge ball of a PST file and when it gets too big, it gets corrupted.

Bryon need to reindex the file, and there's a repair tool for that. He should go to Run > ScanPST.exe, and find the Outlook.PST file. Select "repair". That should fix it. Leo also recommends backing up that file from time to time, that way if it does corrupt, he can merely replace it.