Security Expert Steve Gibson's Take on the NSA Data Mining

Episode 987

With the recent controversy that the NSA is data mining everyone in the country, and even watching what everyone is doing as they type it, Leo says that Steve Gibson has it figured out and Leo thinks he's right. The NSA doesn't need direct access to any servers. They can tap just outside the servers where the Internet comes in, and that's where the vulnerabilities are.

Is the lack of transparency the main issue with PRISM? (Part 1)

Episode 985

Andrew from Dayton, OH

Andrew first has a couple of things to say on the PRISM subject. Andrew says it's not that the government has been doing this, he's seen it for years. It's that they've been so secret about it. Leo calls it a lack of transparency, and that means there hasn't been a debate over it. He also says that the US isn't stopping with its citizens. In fact, Glenn Greenwald says that Boundless Informant is a program that seeks to filter the entire world's communications!

Is PRISM really all that effective?

Episode 985

Lane from Signal Hill, CA

Lane listens to a lot of conservative talk radio and he hears a lot of outrage over the PRISM story. What he finds interesting is who's 'ox is being gored'. It's not everyone. It's been a one-sided focus. Leo says even so, there are ways you can encrypt your data and secure yourself. The question is, will encrypting your data and securing yourself actually be a red flag?

PRISM: Should We Really Be Concerned About It?

Episode 985

News came out this week that the US government has a back door to major technology companies that allow them to data mine email, text messages, and other data from Americans for national security. Leo says it's important to know the facts before judging, though. First, how deep and wide does the data mining go? According to the NSAs charter, they can't spy on citizens inside the United States -- only the FBI can do that.