Can I Print From My Phone via Bluetooth?

iPhone SE

Episode 1834

Paul from Roseberg, OR

Paul has an iPhone SE and wants to know how he can print from it without having to do it via WiFi. Leo says you really can't. Apple wants an iPhone to print via WiFi (called Air Printing), but if your printer is Bluetooth compatible, you can try printing via Bluetooth. If you don't have a Bluetooth-capable printer, you can get a Bluetooth Printer Adapter. 

HP makes a few models that use Bluetooth. So check there. All you'll need to do is pair your phone to the printer after it's been made discoverable, and you can print.

Why Am I Getting Error Messages When I Print a Document on Linux?


Episode 1794

Guy from Mobile, AL

Guy recently put a new hard drive in his computer and he put Linux on it. But now when he tries to print he'll also get several additional pages printed out for no reason. Leo says that Linux uses an open-source printer driver called CUPS and it's printing out an error code that it doesn't understand. It's probably due to CUPS using a printer driver that is close, but not exact to the printer. Try and see if the printer manufacturer has a Linux driver. That could help. Or see if he can use a different HP driver since HP uses PCL, which is good on Linux. Give it a shot, paper is cheap.

Print Wirelessly With Your Chromebook in 2021

Unfortunately, Google has killed their Cloud Print service (like many of their projects) at the end of 2020. Other products like and PaperCut are possible alternatives. But see if your printer is still compatible by going into your Chromebook's advanced settings, click "printers" under "printing", and check if the printer can be added. Both devices must be on the same WiFi network in your home. If things aren't working out wirelessly, use a USB cable to connect to the printer.

How Can I Get Accurately Printed Image Sizes?

Photoshop Elements

Episode 1763

George from Toronto, CAN

George wants to print something in MS Paint that is exactly the dimensions that it is supposed to be. But it doesn't ever work out that way. How can he? Leo says it's actually a complex problem because of the screen's size, the resolution of the printer, and other considerations. In most cases, what you want to do is select the option "actual size" from your printer utility. You can calculate the dots per inch / your screen size. Adobe Photoshop Elements can do it accurately and Irfanview or Paint.Net. 

Why can't I print screen grabs?


Episode 1722

Mike from Rancho Mirage, CA

Mike has been watching videos on youtube and wants to screen grab various shots. But when he does, it's terribly pixelated, like a multi-generational copy. And Windows just gives him an error. Leo says to open the file with a photo editor and see if it's better. Leo recommends Irfanview. Leo also recommends trying to make a PDF of the image and then printing that. It could be a print driver issue.

How can I print wirelessly with Linux?


Episode 1684

Lee from Santa Claus, IN

Lee has a printer and he'd like to wirelessly print through the router with Linux. Can he do that? Leo says Modern printers use WiFi to connect directly to the printer, but some routers have a special windows program for a print server. But it may no support your printer. Leo says that there is a driver called CUPS that may be able to do it. Look by router brand and model in the CUPS database. If it's there, then you can use CUPS to do it. Another option is to use VMWare or maybe even WINE to use the Windows version.

Why do I have to reinstall my printer every time Windows updates?

RIP Google Cloud Print

Episode 1680

Walter from Los Angeles, CA

Walter has two computers running Windows 10, but every time it upgrades, it forces him to reinstall his printers, even though he uses Google Cloud Print. Leo says that Google Cloud Print is going away because most printers now print wirelessly via WiFi. But they do recommend installing CUPS drivers. It's odd though that Windows breaks the connection to a wired printer when updated. Print directly via WiFi. It'll not only be easier to print, but it should also be easier to update. Look for a CUPS driver for your printer. That may be the easiest solution.

How can I print on a CD?


Episode 1668

Shar from Cambridge, MN

Shar wants to know how he can print on a miniCD disc using his Epson printer. Leo says that nobody uses those anymore and as such, there is no real way other than to create your own adapter. You could 3d print one. Leo also says that there is an open-source printer driver repository called CUPS. If there's a driver for your printer, it's there.