How Do I Transfer Firefox Extensions and Preferences On My Mac?

MacBook Pro

Episode 1741

Jody from LA, CA

Jody has been using a MacBook Pro as his main computer and recently moved over to a MacBook Pro. But he hasn't been able to move his Firefox extensions and bookmarks over. How can he do it? Leo says that Firefox has a sync capability at the bottom of the WIndow. Set up the account and Firefox will sync from one machine to another. Easy Peasy. The other way to do it is to export bookmarks through the Bookmark Manager.

How can I improve Wi-Fi Reception? (Part 1)

Episode 986

Mark from Alabama

Mark is a trucker and when he gets to a truck stop, he sometimes gets a lousy signal. Leo says that congestion is probably Mark's biggest hurdle. Absent that, if he can't pick it up at all, Leo recommends going over to They specialize in high power antennas that can pick up a Wi-Fi signal better. CCrane also makes some Wi-Fi antennas. There's also the Yagi plug and play from Amazon. Mark needs to learn the ins and outs and can teach him those.