Why Can't I Scroll a Webpage?

Episode 1699

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA

Barb has both a Chromebook and Windows laptops. But she's been having issues with scrolling on both. It's stuck.  Could it be due to installing ExpressVPN? Leo says that's unlikely. For the Chromebook, Leo recommends trying the Powerwash feature. Save the stuff into the cloud and then run PowerWash to reset everything. Then once re-logging back in, everything should be back. If the issue comes back, then it could be that her mouse, trackpad, or even the keyboard are dirty and need to be cleaned. Especially the keyboard. There may be stuck keys, especially the spacebar.

Why Does My Keyboard Switch Languages?


Episode 1650

George from Webster, NY

George uses a Chromebook, but lately, his Keyboard has been switching to another language. Leo says that if he uses another language with an Android device at times, Google may remember that and switch it suddenly. That's where the powerwash option comes in handy. It'll reset everything. He can also go into advance settings under language and input methods, and disable any additional languages for Chrome to support. Also, check the spellchecker. Maybe it has an Arabic set. But PowerWash is a good alternative to start over.

How can I restore my Chromebook?

Acer Chromebook

Episode 1555

Ken from Mountain Home, ID

Ken has a Acer Chromebook, but he's having issues with his keyboard after doing an update. Leo says first thing he'll want to do is a Powerwash. That will wipe everything out, reinstall the OS, and bring it back to the factory defaults. He should also make sure that if he has stored anything locally, that he backs it up. That way, if anything in the update was corrupted, it will clean that out. If that doesn't fix it, then he'll need to contact Acer for a repair.

Can I modify a Chromebook to use Windows or Linux?

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Episode 1364

Joe from San Dimas, CA

Joe wants to know why he can't modify a Chromebook to download other software to it. Leo says he can modify a Chromebook and put Linux or Windows on it, but he'll lose a ton of security.

Joe will have to disable the Secure Boot feature. Then he can put a Linux shell called Crouton on it. Leo's done it before. He may also have to modify the firmware by putting it in Developer Mode. But he may not be able to boot it up. If that happens, he can always Powerwash it to get back to where he started.