How Can I Stream My Church Service With Hymn Lyrics and Text?


Episode 1695

Chad from Albertville, NY

Chad runs the streaming computer at his church, and while the setup is decent with two projectors and two monitors, he wants to be able to capture the projector display for the stream for home viewers. He's using OBS. Leo says that OBS is very popular with people on Twitch. Leo says it's possible that the computer isn't powerful enough to do all that, plus capture and stream the projector feed. Leo says it may be better to output those displays using Powerpoint with a matrix switcher. Not very expensive. Then you can have one feed going to both.

How can I create a slideshow of my photos?

Corel PaintShop Pro

Episode 1633

Doug from Roseberg, OR

Doug just got back from vacation and would like to turn their photos into a slide show with titles and music, as Google photos doesn't do it. Leo says that it used to be a thing that Google would do. Any presentation manager would, like Apple Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint. Corel makes the best one though: Corel PaintShop Pro Photo. But you can also use Corel Video Studio to do it. Here's how - https://learn.corel.com/tutorials/videostudio-create-slideshows/.

How can i control my iPad Pro remotely?

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter and Remote Control

Episode 1300

Paul from Pittsburgh, PA

Paul uses the iPad Pro for presentations and wants to have a remote to control his Powerpoint presentation. Leo says that if he has an iPhone or Apple Watch, he can use it to sync to the iPad remotely.

Another option is a Bluetooth clicker that supports Powerpoint. He could also just make the move to Keynote. Doctor Mom uses a Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter and Remote Control.

How can I learn more about computers quick?

Episode 1227

Joanna from California

Joanna just got a new job but she's worried because she doesn't know much about Excel. Leo says that learning the basic functions of spreadsheets are totally learnable, as is managing email. It's just a matter of doing it. Joanna doesn't need to know how to take apart a computer to use one. Being familiar with Windows is a plus since most businesses use it. Windows 7 is probably what the business uses. If they have Windows 10 and she's not comfortable with that, she could just tell them she's holding off on the update until next month's "Threshold 2" upgrade. That'll score some points.