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Why Do My AV Receivers Keep Dying?


Episode 1782

Ed from Tulsa, OK

Ed has bought three AV receivers over the last five years, and all three have died in less than two years. Leo says that adding a surge suppressor that does power conditioning and an uninterruptable power supply will guard against "dirty power" and power spikes that can happen after a power outage. It's not normal for AV receivers, or any tech, to die too quickly and consistently. So it points to something other than the device itself. Leo also recommends not putting them in a sealed cabinet, which can cause overheating. You can also look for a line conditioner.

How Can I Prevent My Audio Receiver From Turning on and Off?

Denon AV Receiver

Episode 1759

David from Venice Beach, CA

David's Denon AV receiver turns on/off randomly. What's going on? Leo says that all home theater gear are computers now, and as such, they are all solid-state. As such, they're not very fixable. But it could be an intermittent power spike that is causing the AVR to turn on/off. A power conditioner could fix it by providing a steady supply of power without interruption. That's the one solution that David can try. Absent that, it's probably cheaper to buy a new AVR rather than try and repair it. Power conditioners include Trip Lite, APCC.

Why won't my monitors work when I turn on my printer?

APC BE550G Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V

Episode 1105

Fred from Redding, PA

Fred has a monitor that suddenly went out. So he replaced it with a TV and now it's gone out as well. Leo says that the original monitor may not be bad, it could be the cable. It could be a bad cable or the refresh rate settings in his computer may be incorrect. But since it happened when he turned on his printer, his power connections could be to blame and putting in an AV power supply could be helpful. They have surge suppression that will filter the power and keep it consistent.

Would the "lemon law" apply to my Mac?

Apple iMac

Episode 961

Becky from Los Angeles, CA

Becky bought her first Mac and it's been in and out of genius bar with repairs. It keeps dying and she's worried because her Apple Care is about to run out. It could be that her power is fluctuating causing components to fail. In that case, she can get a UPS from TrippLite that will condition her power. She would want to find one that is constantly conditioning the power, and those cost a little bit more.

Why am I getting audio and video glitches whenever I play sounds on my home built computer?

Episode 904

Steve from Sun City, CA

Leo says that it could be the sound card, and he should try to use a standalone card. If that doesn't work, then try using a USB headphone set and see if that fixes it. Otherwise it could be a driver problem. The power supply can also be the culprit, and Leo thinks that's an underestimated source of common problems in computers.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 893

Scott saw the Dark Knight Rises, and he really enjoyed it. But fans will be a bit lost if they haven't seen the first two films. What's interesting is that it isn't in 3D, because director Christopher Nolan didn't want it on 3D because the first two weren't in 3D either. He also shot the film, which has become quite a rarity these days as Hollywood has begun abandoning film in favor of digital.