How can I sync podcasts from a desktop to a mobile device? (Part 2)

Episode 1016

Tom from Ottawa, Canada

Tom has been syncing podcasts to his iPod Touch. But now that he has the SIV, he's been syncing the podcast, but DoubleTwist can't remember the position of the podcast. Leo says that Doubletwist player doesn't remember because it thinks it's a song. Leo recommends DogCatcher for Android, and use DoubleTwist to sync it. In fact, Leo says to subscribe to the podcast through Dogcatcher and it'll get it.

How can I get video netcasts to play on the iPad?

Episode 994

Mark from Tustin, CA

Mark has trouble watching TWiT netcasts on his iPad. He says the video works on his Mac, but not on his iPad. He's attempting to do this all through iTunes. Leo says it could be that there are versions of the video that aren't compatible with iPad.

He might want to try using InstaCast, instead of Apple's app. Mark could also try downloading different qualities to see if that works.

How can I prevent the static I have in my headphones?

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Episode 940

Dwight from Alta Dena, CA

Dwight is a voiceover artist for a new newsreading app called Umano. He applied, interviewed, was hired and is paid online. He is using the Blue Yeti which is the best mic for his work, but sometimes he gets static feedback in his headphones. Leo says that isn't supposed to happen and there's a short circuit in the mic which is sending voltage into the headphones.

Why does iTunes only show the 7 or 8 most recent episodes of podcasts?


Episode 896

Lorenzo from New Jersey

If he's downloaded the shows, they should all be there. If he's talking about undownloaded episodes, TWiT only lists the most recent 10. This is because the RSS text file that iTunes pulls that information from would become unmanageably large. It would take up a considerable amount of bandwidth. Very few podcasts list all of their episodes. The RSS feed is meant to just be the most recent shows. All of TWiT's shows are kept at TWiT.tv.