How can I quickly access sound clips while doing a radio show?


Episode 911

Kali from Riverside, CA

Kali wants to do a radio show online and he'd like to pull up sound effects and clips quickly. There are plenty of software options, and even a hardware option, to do this:

  • SoundBoard
  • This is an iPad app by Ambrosia Software. This would let him assign sounds to buttons on pages. This is what Leo would recommend doing.

How can I improve Skype quality for recording podcasts?

Episode 910

David from Canada

David wants to improve his sound quality on Skype so he can record it, but he's finding he has to ask the person on the other end to record their side of the conversation. Leo says that's called double ended recording and it takes a lot of effort. It also doesn't work well half the time, but it is the best way to get professional broadcast like quality. Leo doesn't do this though.

How can I get ads on my podcast and website?

Episode 902

Steven from Annendale, VA

Steven is 13 and says that TWiT has inspired him to run his own podcast network with five shows! He does news, technology, politics, gaming, and other topics. Steven uses Blip.TV to post his video podcasts to YouTube and other channels. He hosts the site on wordpress and has his videos monetized. He's wondering how to get ads on the page and his shows.

What should I know to start a podcast?

Plantronics .Audio 655

Episode 898

Derrick from Minneapolis, MN

The nice thing about podcasting is that it's cheap, easy and simple, and all he needs is passion on a particular subject. It's also best to go after a narrow audience instead of trying to get as many people. He also would need to have sufficient audio quality so it's not difficult for people to listen. Other than that, he just wants to communicate his deep knowledge on the subject and his passion for it. He shouldn't expect to make any money though, because that is very rare. He might not even cover his costs.

Should I buy a hardware video switcher or use a software solution for recording video podcasts? (Part 2)

Episode 891

Mohammed from Cairo, Egypt

Leo doesn't recommend starting off with video and multiple cameras. He suggests starting with audio because it's much simpler to do. If he really wants to do video though, he should look into a product called WireCast by Telestream. He can switch video on the computer. There's also BoinxTV, which would let him do webcasting. Both WireCast and BoinxTV are around $500.

How can I promote my podcast?


Episode 892

Tom from Stamford, CN

Leo says to focus on areas he has interest, passion, and expertise. Content is king and making the best possible show is the best way to promote yourself. Once his show has quality content, he could try to get his show carried by a site like Machinima, which is the site his brother's content is on. It's important to understand that even the most popular internet celebrities aren't really making that much money. He should be doing it because he loves it, it's fun, and it's helping him achieve his goals.