How can I build a virtual "Skypeasaurus"?

Episode 1022

Svera from Oslo, Norway

Svera took Leo's advice to use a cheap HD video camera for his online TV channel. He's envious about the infamous Skypeasaurus. Can he create a virtual one? He's looking at using Google Hangouts, but it's difficult to get people using Google Plus. Leo says that Google Hangouts are a great solution for just starting out because it saves to YouTube automatically. Hangouts uses WebRTC on the backend, and Leo's considering using WebRTC for TWiT.

How can I accurately count my podcast downloads?

Episode 1006

David from Ithaca, NY

David has a podcast and he's having a challenge getting the right download numbers from his RSS feed. Leo says that he uses Podtrac's free podcast counting tool which will enable him to count the number of times the podcast gets downloaded. He would just need to add a redirect so it goes though Podtrac to count it and deduplicate the times it's downloaded more than once from the same IP. Then he can get a free report. Google Analytics is also helpful.

How can I monetize a podcast?

Episode 981

Michael (via Skype) from Berlin, Germany

Michael is a podcaster and wants to know how to make money with it. Podcasters can't charge through iTunes, so he wants to know how to go about making a living with it. Leo says that few podcasters actually can make a living off of it. In fact, for the first two years, he tried to make it without advertising, and now takes advertising. The important part is to build a community. Don't worry about making a living at the start, just build an audience.

How can I record multiple channels of audio without the sync slipping after awhile?

Zoom H4

Episode 959

David from Toronto, Canda

Leo says that if he can record each mic in a separate channel, he can probably fix it in post. He could just use a stereo microphone and put that in between him and the cohost. Or he could use a standalone device like the Zoom H4, which has a pair of directional mics that can record really well.


Episode 864

Steven from Irwindale, VA

Steven is 12 and he writes a blog and does a podcast via blip.tv. But most of his shows are over the 1GB limit. And he’s not getting very many views. How can he make it worth it? Leo says that it’s normal to start very small. Leo says the first problem is Steven’s podcast name. There’s a ton of shows with similar titles crowding the field. Perhaps something less generic will help you draw those looking for the content you create.

Steven’s show is called This Week in News.