What TV should I buy? (Part 1)


Episode 1065

Carlos from Southern California

Carlos would like to buy a new TV and wants to know whether he should get plasma or LCD? Leo says that plasma has the best quality, but with it's reflective screen, it's best to use in a darkened room. Companies are getting out of plasma, though, because everyone is buying LED TVs. Backlit LCDs have gotten so good that people are choosing them because they look better on the show room floor.

What's a good affordable Plasma or LCD?

Episode 1064

Dave from Fountain Valley, CA

Dave is in the market to upgrade his HDTV and wants an affordable 60" plasma. Leo says that Dave needs to act now because many companies are getting out of the Plasma business. Panasonic makes the best plasmas, but they're not cheap. Samsung and LG also make them, but LCDs are getting better. Dave is also wondering if 3D is really any better. Leo says no. It's an additional feature, nothing more. Some are even dumping it as a feature.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1057

Scott thinks it's a really bad idea to let Comcast get control of Time Warner. It's already a monopoly in local markets with cable service, but if they get Time Warner, they'll also control the Internet. Scott says that Comcast would be servicing one out of three homes in the US and that's way too much power. Leo says there's plenty of evidence of anticompetitive behavior on the part of Comcast. Scott agrees and says that the merger just might go through since rulings have come down to allow media companies to own more and more.

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1051

Scott got to spend time back stage at the Grammy's yesterday. He said that what's cool about the Grammy's is the live performances. He's heard that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the last two surviving Beatles, may perform together. They also broadcast in 5.1 Dolby, so that's cool.

Question: Eric has a small theater room 10'x9'. He'd like to use a projector. What should he get and what screen size?

What TV would have decent audio in it? (Part 1)

Vizio VHT215 sound bar

Episode 949

Alan from Los Angeles, CA

Alan is looking to get either a Panasonic UT50 or Samsung 550, both plasma sets. What bothers him is the internal speakers in these TV sets. Scott says that the internal sound of Samsung TVs in particular is very disappointing. The UT50 is a great TV, but don't expect good sound from that either. Dave says it's a matter of physics since TVs are so thin. A sound bar is a worthy accessory to make up for any HDTV sound short comings and the sound will be significantly better.