Chris Marquardt

Episode 1058

Chris wants to bust the Zoom Myth. There's a big debate about whether to zoom into a shot, or walk up to the subject to get the shot. Chris says zooming doens't change perspective. Walking up, by contrast, does change perspective, and you can prove it by taking the same picture with both technique. You can change your perspective by moving around, but Chris says if you explore a subject and walk around it, you'll see more than just perspective, you'll see light. Chris says that composition is important too, and you can learn it best with a 50mm lens, aka the "nifty fifty."

How can I get better images on my digital picture frame?

Episode 1050

Carlo from Ontario, CAN

Carlo wants to create a digital picture frame with an HD display, but the quality hasn't always been great. Leo says it's probably because he's using JPG files that when blown up large, it shows artifacts. Leo suggests exporting higher quality images, but Carlo says the JPGs are 36 Megapixels. Leo says it's not the megapixels, but the file size. JPG is what we call a "Lossy" compression technology, which takes little bits out that wouldn't be noticed at smaller sizes. If he uses a lossless compression, such as the TIFF file format, then every dot from the original image will be intact.

Why can't I delete photos from Picasa on the iPad? (Part 2)

Episode 1030

Micheline from Studio City, LA

Micheline can't erase photos on the iPad from Picasa. Leo says that there's a setting in Picasa that will allow it. Leo also says that Windows photo sync is terrible and iTunes on Windows isn't that great either. That's why Picasa is a better option.

Ideally, though, iTunes and the iPad work best on the Mac. Here's a link that talks about issues and various solutions. There's a photo cache called iPod Photo Cache that she can delete.

How can I stop Windows from telling me I'm not backing up? (Part 1)

Episode 1030

Micheline from Studio City, CA

Micheline keeps getting Microsoft's message saying that she's not backing up her hard drive, even though she has Carbonite. Leo says that's because Windows doesn't understand Carbonite, so she can go into the security settings of Windows by clicking on the flag in the system tray, and disable the warning.

How can I share photos with someone remotely?

Episode 1020

Brad from Atlanta, GA

Brad would like to create a private YouTube channel that will give him the ability to put pictures on it so his elderly Aunt can see them online. Leo says that a better option is an internet enabled smart digital picture frame that he can update remotely. She does have internet access and an HD TV, so could he use the Chromecast to do this? Leo says he could, but Brad would have to travel to his Aunt's and set it up because it would have to see her Wi-Fi. She would have to learn how to access YouTube from the Chromecast, too.

Why can't I view my photos in Windows?

Episode 999

Art from West L.A., CA

Art is unable to view his photos, and he keeps getting image database errors. Leo says that it appears to be a Microsoft generated error and what they do is look at a folder with photos and show thumbnails. So the thumbnail database may be corrupted. It could be that the data is there, or there could be a more serious hard drive issue. Art's wondering if trying a system rollback would help, and Leo says it couldn't hurt.

How can I convert old photos and slides to digital?

Episode 978

Frank from Huntington Beach, CA

Frank came across his parents old photo albums and slides and wants to know if he really saves money by doing scanning them on his own or using a service. Leo says that using a good digital camera and shooting the pictures on an easel is the cheapest way to go.

However, using a service can be beneficial because they'll use the negatives and clean them up too. Scan Cafe is great because they'll send him a box that he can fill and send back. They'll also do Super 8, 8mm, and home videos too.