Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1504

Chris says that sometimes you need to "heal" an image to make the image better. The cloning brush in Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other photo editing app is ideal for healing areas of a subject you'd rather not be there. The cloning tool uses pixels from another part of the image, and clones it to the destination. But it's best used sparingly. There is also a healing brush, which will adjust the color and brightness of the cloned pixel, to that of the destination. If you hold down the shift key, the edge gets feathered. And it's non destructive if you don't like it.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1502

Chris has been pushing Leo to spend a weekend just shooting with the 50mm lens. It's a great lens. Why?
1) It's boring. It's not a special lens, so it forces you to compose better pictures. It's great for remembering the basics.
2) 50mm f1.8 or below gives you more light, and lets you take more natural photos.
3) Better image quality, and bokeh (that out of focus background to make your portraits so good)
4) You can add a few extension tubes and make it into a great macro lens.

Why does iCloud delete my pictures when I remove them from my phone?

iCloud Photos

Episode 1498

John from Orange County, CA

John is frustrated that he can't delete the pictures on his phone without deleting them from iCloud. Leo says that if he selects "optimize phone storage" in settings, it will delete it on the phone without deleting it on iCloud. But he'll have to select "Keep Originals" on his Mac so it doesn't delete there.

What mirrorless camera should I buy?

Panasonic GH5

Episode 1498

Brett from Baltimore, MD

Brett was looking at the Sony Alpha line of mirrorless cameras, but they're pretty expensive. Are there more affordable options out there? Leo says it's so expensive because it's full frame. That would give him a much better image, especially in low light. But Leo suggests looking at a micro four-thirds camera like the Panasonic GH5. It's half the price of the Sony.

Is the iPhone X camera good enough, or should I get a DSLR?

Nikon D7500

Episode 1498

Steve from Westminster, CA

Steve just became a father and wants to know how good the iPhone is for a camera. Leo says it does the job, but it's not going to be as good as a pocket camera or a DSLR. Since Ken is a Nikon user, he's going to want to stay in the family. Steve was looking at a D7500, which Leo says is good, and he was also considering the EOS 80D. Leo says the 80D is nice too, but that's Canon, so it would use different lenses.

How can I digitize a large quantity of photos?

Google Photos

Episode 1497

Richard from Tuckahoe, NY

Richard has tons of photographs and he has to digitize all of them. He's thinking of using his iPhone to take pictures of them and then put them on Google Photos. Leo says the only issue here will be time. Essentially taking a photo of the physical photos is all a scanner is doing anyway. The advantage of using an actual scanner, however, is that there will be perfect lighting and the picture is exactly flat to the camera. The scanner can get a high resolution photo by being able to slowly scan across the image.