"Scan" Your Physical Photos With an Easel + Tripod + Digital Camera

If you have a bunch of photos you want to scan, Leo actually recommends getting an easel, tripod, digital camera, and good lighting. Put your picture on the easel, snap a digital photo, rinse and repeat. Modern cameras are so high-resolution that they can take pretty good photos of pictures when angled right. An alternative is to ask a service like ScanCafe, which takes mailed photos and scans them for you. Costco also has a scanning service of their own, where you can bring your pictures to them before they convert them.

Chris Marquardt ... Colorful

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1716

Today, Chris joins Leo to talk about colors in photography. Color can be an attention grabber, set a mode, or guide your eye and tell a story. Chris also says that hue, saturation and luminosity (or how bright it is) are the key elements of color. Color can be subdued, bright, or even pale or bold. Colors can be competing or complementary depending on what the photographer is trying to convey.  What is the dominant color? How does the color, or absence of it, lead the eye? Do they contrast? 

Chris Marquardt ... Belonging together

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1714

Chris joins Leo to talk about how we often tend to work in patterns or groups. We organize and group things to make them make sense. So why not use that same idea in photography? Try and spot the pattern in an image. One way to group things together is by similarity. Another is connections. How do subjects in an image connect visually? How do they contrast? How are they in proximity? How are they aligned? Groupings can tell a story. 

Chris has examples at

How Can I Better Stabilize My Camera for Photos and Video?


Episode 1711

Mark from Tustin, CA

Mark is interested in a good camera gimbal for his mobile device. Leo says that DJI has a great line called the DJI Ronin for DSLRs and other cameras, and the Osmo For smaller cameras. He can even get them for action cameras and mobile devices. Or, he can go with the DJI Osmo Pocket which has its own camera built-in. So it largely depends on the budget. It's generally more affordable to get one for a smartphone. 

There's also a great one for vloggers called the ZVb1. But it's not a gimbal per se. takes advantage of the camera's internal Optical Image stabilization. 

Chris Marquardt ... Starlinked

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1706

Chris joins Leo to talk about how Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are causing problems for astral photographers and astronomers. The satellites are congesting the night sky, even though SpaceX says that they are putting sunshades on the satellites to prevent light reflection and make the satellites more invisible. But Chris says that instead, they are reflecting infrared, which is also problematic when scanning the sky and taking long-exposure photographs. Chris says at least SpaceX is listening and is trying to engineer a solution to prevent light noise from reflecting down from the sky.