Chris Marquardt ... three little assignments

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1658

Chris joins Leo to talk about how to get your creative juices flowing with photography in the new year. Chris offers three little assignments ... A) look for alternating structures. This can be color, texture, design; it doesn't matter: just something that alternates in the image. Shoot from different angles. Play with it. B) Break some rules, especially your own rules. This will make you aware of the rules you follow subconsciously. For example: shoot a portrait with a wide-angle lens. Raise the ISO as high as you can and lean into the noise.

Chris Marquardt ... Flickr'd

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1655

Chris joins Leo for the last time in 2019 to talk about Flickr, which he calls the original social network for photography. But it's been a rough road for Flickr in the last few years, after an unlimited uploading scheme, Yahoo being bought by Verizon. And finally, SmugMug now owns them. Chris says that SmugMug is really the best platform for Flickr because it's all about photography. So Flickr is back to its original purpose. Sadly though, SmugMug has started pushing the pro tier aggressively, and that's a bad sign.

Chris Marquardt and Holiday Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1651

Chris likes shooting pictures during the holidays because it's so different from any other time of the year. Lights, for instance, create a mode, and you can use the placement of those lights, with a shallow depth of field, to make a beautiful image. But you don't want to use a flash. It'll completely kill the mood that you're trying to create. It'll also wash things out and blind your subject. Ultimately, killing the mood. You could use an orange gel on the flash or bounce the flash off the ceiling. That could help.

Chris Marquardt ... A Winter Season

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1647

Chris joins us to talk about Winter Photography. Winter is one of Chris' favorite times of the year, and with it comes getting ready to take some great pictures in the cold. But that comes with its own set of challenges. There's a lot of white. Fog. Overcast skies. And cold! But these kinds of conditions can create some remarkable conditions worth taking pictures of. So always have a camera in your car this winter. If you're worried about batteries dying in the cold, use a film camera. You can get them cheap now.