photo printers

What color printer should I buy?

CANON PIXMA iP8720 Wireless Color Printer

Episode 1259

Armando from California

Armando needs a good photo printer for his DSLR. He has a three in one printer but he's not happy with the quality of prints. Leo says that while there are printers that can do double duty, a photo printer and a text printer are two different animals. He'll want a good photo printer with photo printing paper to get the kind of results he's looking for. They are more expensive, though.

Why can't I get a photo realistic print?

Episode 1248

Ken from Filmore, CA

Ken wants a good high resolution printer to print off images that have very high resolution prints, and the copy shop isn't getting it done. Leo says that printer is probably a better choice than a high volume copy center, which is likely a bit out of date and lower resolution. Consumer inkjet technology has really leapfrogged the average copy shop. Ken will want a printer that can output at least 600 DPI.