photo composition

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1488

Chris says that no matter what camera you have, these tips will help someone get a better picture. Point. Think. Shoot. Have a clear subject. How does the subject relate to the photo within the space? Spacing can vary within a frame and can tell the story in and of itself. Balance is important and when one changes the balance of a photo, it can actually change the feeling of the image. Balance also makes a photo more pleasing to look at. If photographers have several subjects in the frame, how do they manage the space between them? Do they know each other? Are they family?

Anthony Tortoriello on Photography

Episode 1272

Today's tip for the week is all about photo composition. Have an area of interest in every corner of the frame. If something is in frame that isn't interesting, recompose. Get low. Change your perspective. That will give you a different look. Anthony usually roughs in his composition with his iPhone, like a polaroid. That gives him instant feedback to what the shot will look like. It's very natural. Leo has learned the acronym FART: The "feeling" of what grabs you in what you're seeing, "Ask" yourself what's grabbing you, "Refine" it, then "Take" the shot.