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How can I organize my photos?

IrfanView UI

Episode 1593

Leo from Van Nuys, CA

Leo has a bunch of pictures that he has on a large USB stick, but they're all out of order chronologically. How can he organize them?  Leo says that when you take a picture with any phone, it puts the time and date in the metadata attached to the file. But some programs won't look at that, instead of looking at the file creation date. A photo program like Windows 10 Microsoft Photos will do it. You can download it from the Microsoft store for free. Irfanview is another one. Windows 10 file explorer can also sort by date taken. 

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1510

In Europe, there was a lunar eclipse recently, right during the moon rise. Called the "Blood moon," the eclipse would make for very dramatic photographs. It also happened during the golden hour, just before sunset. Chris used the app The Photographer's Ephemeris to know where the moon would be in the sky and when, and what lens to use to shoot it. Unfortunately, at the last minute the clouds rolled in and he lost it all.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1325

Travel App of the Week - Photocard. Take pictures and then have them printed and sent to friends. Leo says that PhotoCard is the best for printing. The quality is 5x7 lamented. The creator Bill Atkinson is a professional photographer and he wanted the images to be professional grade. $1.50 to send inside the US, $2.25 outside the US. Email them for free. There's also some great help videos for the more advanced features and they're done by Leo! There's also PosterGram, which is similar. .99 each.

Another App - Cozy Family. It's a simple family organizer.