Is it possible to recover deleted data on my cell phone?

Episode 880

Jay from Providence, North Carolina

It's possible to recover files on a phone the same as it is to recover files on a computer, if the phone can be mounted as a drive. Or if there's an SD or microSD card that can be mounted on a computer. Since Jay has a feature phone, he'll want to look into a program called Bitpim. This program will allow him to see data if it's a CDMA phone with a qualcomm chipset. If he were to have a smartphone, he could just mount it on his computer and run a file recovery tool.

What is the best way to buy data while visiting the US?

Episode 874

Chris from London, England

Since Chris has a GSM phone, the easiest thing to do would be getting a temporary SIM card from the AT&T store. The chat room suggests going to Wal-Mart or Best Buy to get a SIM card there, but data is expensive. It may be best to go get a cheap unlimited data phone with a 1 month policy from MetroPCS and then give it over to a friend when Chris goes back home.