Philips hue

Can I use Echo to turn on my lights?

Amazon Echo

Episode 1565

Henry from Prescott Valley, AZ

Henry has a few Amazon Echos and wants to know if he can turn his lights on/off with them. Leo says absolutely, but he'll need smart home lights that support the Echo. Philips Hue is one brand. But there are plenty of others out there. He can also get smart switches that enable him to turn things off with his voice. He should search Amazon for "works with Alexa" devices.

How can I better control my Philips Hue lights?

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Episode 1294

JJ from San Francisco, CA

JJ has the Philips Hue lighting system and his lights turned on in the middle of the night. He's discovered that his landlord shares the same breaker with him and after the power had been cut and restored, the lights came on. Is this common? Leo says that the Philips Hue system is really cool, but it can get reset when the power goes out or if there's some sort of change on the breaker. There's no real way out of it short of convincing Philips to change it.

Why do my Philips Hue bulbs turn blue spontaneously?

Philips Hue

Episode 1112

Brian from Charlestown, IN

Charles has a Philips Hue lighting system that randomly turns blue. Leo says that when the power goes out, the Hues come on at full brightness when it returns. So it could be a bug like that. Leo advises contacting support through the website. Meanwhile, if Charles can just reset it to the normal color, then at least that is good. The chatroom also says to make sure the bulb has the latest firmware, and he should check his alarm settings.

Set Up Simple Automated Tasks Online

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Leo Discovers Bug in Philips Hue LED Lightbulbs

Philips Hue

Episode 981

Leo has several Philips Hue RGB WiFi enabled light bulbs, which are cool because they can be set to not only provide accurate lighting conditions, but to mimmick light from any picture as well. The other night, however, Leo discovered a bug - when there's a power outage, it wipes out the programming and turns all the lights on full! He had left the lights on and turned them off with his iPhone app.