PDF Readers

How can I read PDF files on a Chromebook?


Episode 1362

Greg from Orange County, CA

Greg wants to read PDFs with his Chromebook, but he can't. Leo says that everyone assumes that everyone either owns Acrobat or Microsoft Office, but he'll have LibreOffice on that Chromebook and it should read it.

If not, Leo says there's a good PDF Reader as a Chrome extension called Kami. Doctor Mom also says he can install Office 365 on his Chromebook.

Why can't I print a PDF?

Episode 1166

Charlie from Missoula, MT

Charlie can't print an attachment, but he can print other things. The attachment is zipped and when he unzips it, it's a PDF file. Leo says that in order to print PDF files, he'll need a PDF reader. Windows didn't come with a PDF reader until Windows 8, so most people wound up getting Adobe Reader. Leo says to open it in Google Drive, and he'll be able to print from there.