Why does my computer shut down while playing games?

Episode 973

Norm from Upland, CA

David's laptop shuts down while he's playing Call of Duty. Leo says that's a protective measure. If the laptop gets too hot, it will shut down by design. The best thing he can do is make sure the laptop has free flowing air all around it so it can cool itself. Make sure that dust isn't blocking the airflow slots. Look to see if the laptop's fans are working properly. It could also be the thermal paste has been misapplied to the processor. It may be worth bringing in to get looked at.

Why do I have to keep unplugging and replugging in my PC to get it to turn on?

Episode 971

Gary from Los Angeles, CA

Gary can't turn on his computer unless he unplugs it, waits for five minutes, then plugs it back in. Leo says that if Gary is turning it off with the hardware button, the computer may be going into hibernation and there are known problems with a system in hibernation. He should disable that first.

Why does my Windows computer keep restarting when I try shutting it down?

Episode 945

Lisa from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Leo says It could be a mechanical failure like a shorted on/off button that keeps turning itself back on. If that were the case, however, hibernate wouldn't work properly and Lisa says it does. It's possible that in the BIOS settings, "wake on LAN" is enabled. She should reboot her computer and press the 'f8' or 'esc' key and look in the BIOS settings for "wake on LAN." If it's enabled, disable it.

What computer would you recommend for using Quicken?

Lenovo Laptop

Episode 932

Jane from Santa Ana, California

Just about any computer will work for this. Leo likes Dell and Asus. Lenovo is fantastic, especially for business applications. She should get at least 4GB of RAM, and a display resolution of at least 1440x900 would be good for Quicken. Does a solid state drive make the computer last longer, like with Ultra Books? Leo says no, but they are faster. They are more expensive though, too, and would give her less storage space. If speed is important, a solid state drive is fantastic.

What PC should I get to switch away from Mac?

Dell All-in-One

Episode 910

Doug from Pasadena, CA

Doug makes industrial videos and he's fed up with the changes in Apple's Final Cut, breaking of camera's connectivity, and being on Apple time when it comes to updates. So he's moving on to PCs and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Leo says in the office, TWiT has Dell computers, and he recommends paying extra for the Gold support. Dell will let him configure the machines.