pc perspective

Should I Build a Gaming Computer?


Episode 1729

Kyle from Northridge, CA

Kyle is building a gaming computer and wants a decent budget system. Leo says the real key is the video performance. He'll want it to be smooth. So Frame Rate is key. Here's the thing. Building a computer doesn't give that much advantage anymore. He's not going to save money. The real benefit is learning how a computer works. But he'll be his own support because who does one call if there's a problem? Each part supplier will pass the buck. 

Can I Build a Budget PC For ~$500


Episode 1725

Joey from Round Rock, TX

Joey is looking to build a budget PC system for around $500. Leo recommends going to PCPerspective and check out their Hardware Leaderboard. They have suggestions for every budget. Right now is a good time to be buying because hardware prices are dropping, especially video cards, where newer models were recently announced. And AMD is a great choice for a budget system because their performance is really giving Intel a run for the money. Leo also recommends the Samsung EVO SSD for the system hard drive.