What is Patreon?


Episode 1376

Richard from Elk Grove, CA

Richard wants to know about Patreon. Leo says that Patreon is a great site for raising money for podcasting, video web series, and all other kinds of media content that viewers are willing to support. It's optional for the consumers, and Patreon takes a cut of the donations.

The challenge is that it's easy to overestimate the incoming amount of donations of supporters, as they are always canceling and re-upping. So if Richard is thinking of using Patreon, he should be very realistic about how much he can make with it.

What crowdfunding site should I use for my personal project?

Episode 1262

Scott from Jasper, GA

Scott wants to do medical weight loss surgery and he wants to raise the money to pay for his share of the cost. Which crowdfunding site should he use? Leo says that GoFundMe is the best for a personal project like weight loss. Chances are he's going to get most of his help from friends and family, and people he knows on Facebook. Another option is Patreon.