Why Is Windows Asking Me for My Phone Number to Log In?


Episode 1836

Scott from Arcadia, CA

Scott installed a Windows update and when he logged in, it shows his cell phone. He's now concerned that he won't be able to sign on correctly. Leo says that Microsoft is moving towards a passwordless world because we all hate them. So they are adding an authenticator to your login so that they will send your phone a code, and you input it. Then you're logged in - no password, and very secure. 

Have My Passwords Been Compromised After Being on a Public Hotspot?

Episode 1836

Eric from Yorba Linda, CA

Eric wants to know what can happen to his iPhone if he's on an unsecured wifi network, like a local hotspot? He transferred his passwords from one phone to another. Leo says that browsers now are checking a database of breaches, and they can let you know what websites have been compromised. So it's unlikely your passwords werre compromised. But the website you visit could have been, and therefore your passwords may be vulnerable. To verify, check out

Why is Apple TV+ Constantly Asking For My Password?


Episode 1833

Tom from Wilmington, NC

Tom wants to know what's up with Apple TV+, but it seems that they're having a "hissy fit" with the app on Roku. He's always having to sign in. So it keeps forgetting the password. Leo says Tom's Apple password is the password. But Tom says he gets a "password is invalid" error. Leo says that Tom may be putting in the wrong password. He could be logging in with his iCloud account, not his Apple account. He could have also created a new account when he first signed up for Apple TV+. So it can get very confusing. 

Assign a Recovery Email or Phone Number for Your Account

For important email addresses, make sure you have a recovery email or phone number set up. Email access is important, and if you forget your password, the service is going to need to contact you somehow. Treat email with respect, because losing the ability to log in can be devastating in many ways. Phone numbers can be used to get texts with an emergency 6-digit number (or something like that), which can help begin the new password process. If you don't have multiple email accounts, set one up with Gmail or another known service.

How Can I Get the Password to My AOL Email?


Episode 1831

Gloria from Homosassa, Florida

Gloria has an AOL email account that she has had for years. But she can't remember her password and now she can't get her email. Leo says that since AOL was sold, they have been transitioning everyone, which can require her to relog in. Leo says she can go into and reset her password. Use the "I Forgot" feature. It will then prompt her to reset the password or recover it. They may require a recovery phone number so they can text message her a code.

How Can I Prove to Apple I Am Who I Am So I Can Reset My Password?


Episode 1814

Katie from Garden Grove, CA

Katie bought an iPhone from Amazon, and it keeps asking her for an old credit card number for her Apple ID. She was able to activate it and make calls, but she can't really do anything else. Leo says you should be able to change or add a payment method with that existing Apple ID. Just click on your name and then the payment information. If you can't do that, then you can try 1-800-MyApple or to reset your password. Leo also suggests making an appointment with the Apple Store and taking to a Genius about resetting your Apple password. They have the ability. 

How Can I Crack a Windows 7 Password?

Windows 7

Episode 1812

Lynn from Selmer, TN

Lynn's brother-in-law passed away, and he's trying to get into his Windows 7 laptop to download the data. Leo says that Windows 7 is a lot easier to crack password-wise than Windows 10. In fact, there's a hidden administrator account that has no password to make it easier. Here's how - Here's another -

How Can I Get Data Off My Computer With a Password?

Windows 10

Episode 1805

John from Moorpark, CA

John's friend has a Windows computer from her deceased husband that she can't log into. It's used though. Leo says the best thing to do is start over if she doesn't want the data off it. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, save it to a thumb drive, and then plug it into the computer. Then boot to it, and reinstall Windows. It'll wipe the drive and give her a pristine version of Windows.

How Can I Keep My Router Secure & Network Safe?


Episode 1788

Vee from Huntington Beach, CA

Vee wants to know if she needs any more protection than her router to keep her safe online while she's teaching.  She doesn't need to add anything to the router itself, but the best thing is to guard her online behavior and keep everything online up to date. Update the OS regularly, when available, as well as the apps. Your browser should automatically update. Also, the router needs to be kept up to date and periodically, it pays to look for an update for it. Also, change the password from default. Turn off WAN administration. And turn off UPnP (Universal Plug n Play).