password vaults

How often should I change my passwords?


Episode 1154

Mike from Glendale, CA

Mike wants to know about passwords and how often he should change the ones on his computer. Leo says that local passwords, like for logging into his laptop aren't that big of a deal. Someone would have to have physical access to the computer and a lot of time to crack it. So that's not really the one to worry about. It's the passwords online, and even then, those passwords are encrypted. Those who change passwords a lot are those who have passwords that are shamefully easy to guess.

What's the best password vault?

Lastpass Vault

Episode 1136

Carla from Buena Park, CA

Carla is overwhelmed by all of the passwords she has to remember. What can she use to help manage that? Leo says a password vault will generate a unique and strong password that's difficult to crack. The best passwords are long and random with a combination of upper and lower case, numbers, letters and punctuation. Leo advises using LastPass. She can download and use it for free on the desktop, or pay $12 for some additional features including mobile use.

Why is Apple's Time Capsule so slow to back up?

Apple Time Capsule

Episode 1128

Aiden from Ireland

Aiden made the switch to a Mac and his Time Capsule takes forever to backup. It works just fine in Windows, though. Leo says there are a number of different protocols, and Windows uses that SMB, which is the default language. Apple uses its own protocol called AFP, which is based on the older AppleTalk. Leo advises going into the settings and turning all the protocols on. That will allow it to use the fastest available.

How can I get my computer to time out and request my lastpass password to wake up?

Episode 1091

Dan from Upland, CA

Dan has installed LastPass on his computers and his mobile phone. Leo says it's an excellent password vault. But Dan wants to have all devices time out after 15 minutes to lock it down. Leo says that's a good idea. There's a way to do this in the settings. Leo says it may be that the automatic password option has been checked and that's why he can't get it to time out and demand the password to reactivate.

How can I encrypt only part of my phone?

Episode 1090

Remy from Los Angeles, CA

Remy is a psychologist and he keeps a lot of patient data on his phone. How can he lock that down without having to lock down all of his phone? Leo says it's wise to lock it down completely. If it's lost or stolen, he'll really want to make it difficult for someone to get to the data. Password protecting the phone with a passcode isn't that big of a disruption, and it's an extra measure to protect that data he's talking about. It encrypts the entire contents of the phone.

eBay Data Breach Underscores Need for Password Vaults

Episode 1086

With the news that eBay's servers were breached and passwords were stolen, Leo says users should not only change their passwords, but also should use a password manager or password vault like RoboForm, 1Password, LastPass, etc. They can generate long and random passwords that include punctuation and variety that makes brute force attacks pretty much useless. Then all you need to do is remember one password.

Are password vaults really safe?

Episode 986

Mike from Agnes, TX

Mike uses a password manager and when he uses it to go to a secure site, he wants to know if the data can be read by anyone else. Leo says no, unless there's a keystroke logger or malware installed. He would be the last line of defense though, and his online behavior can circumvent anything. No security option is fool proof if he is tricked by a hacker to install malware. He should make sure to keep his software and operating system updated so the exploits are secured.