password recovery

How can I recover my Windows 7 administrator password?


Episode 1128

Kal from Erie, PA

Kal took Leo's advice and created a second user account for his wife, so she wouldn't be using the administrator account for day to day use. But then he lost the administrator password. Leo says there are bootable discs that he can use to reset the password. Here's a support document from Microsoft that will help him reset the password. He can use another computer to create this disc.

Why can't I change the password on my Yahoo account?

Episode 1107

Andy from Los Angeles, CA

Andy forgot his password to his Yahoo mail account and he's having trouble resetting it. Leo says the process of answering the secret questions by going to the log in and then click "I can't access my account." You'll then be asked your secret questions. This is also a good idea to add second factor authentication so that when you do reset, it'll let you know via your cellphone. Try that as well.

How can I recover a username and password in Office 365?

Episode 972

Patty from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

Patty has forgotten her username and password for a new Office 365 login and can't remember it. Leo says that Patty's other accounts will still work. What about her Outlook account? Leo says that she could call Microsoft and let them know what her account number is and they'll help her create a new account. They may also be able to tell her what her account is by using her secondary recovery login/password credential.