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How Can I Play Music All Over the House With My HomePod?

HomePod Mini

Episode 1775

Tony from Washington DC

Tony bought an Apple Homepod recently, and he wants to get several of the new minis and network them. Can they all play the same music at the same time? Leo says yes, that party mode is also known as Whole Home Mode. You can also tell Siri to play music from each home pod. You can go into the HomePod app and assign each home pod to a specific room. This will also enable you to speak to each room via intercom.

Can I create sound all around the house using Amazon Echo speakers?

Episode 1747

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul wants to be able to hook up a friend's Amazon Alexa device to his CD system, so he can create a speaker system in every house. Leo says that the Amazon FireTV Cube has an IR blaster that can command your devices from anywhere in the house. But to broadcast the signal on the Echo devices may be a challenge. If they had an audio-in jack, then that would be the easiest. Doing it digitally from your computer and streaming music would be even easier.  But to play physical media over an Echo system is a challenge.

What Multi-room Speakers Will Offer Party-Mode-Style Broadcasting?


Episode 1735

Josh from Denver, CO

Josh wants to know if there's an alternative to SONOS that can broadcast music to each room in his house. Leo says that used to be the sole domain of SONOS. It's difficult to do because of latency. Now, other products are capable of doing it thanks to Google's Speakers. NEST Speakers do the same thing as Sonos, but so does Amazon wireless speakers. Leo really likes the Google Nest Speakers. They're ideal. NEST Audio Speakers are about $100 per. 

Ultimate Ears UE Megabook speakers also do the same. But Leo says that Nest Audio is the way to go.