Is Samsung as good as Panasonic with 4K TVs?

Episode 1520

Jason from Fontana, CA

Jason bought a Panasonic Viera 4K TV two years ago. What he wants to know if he buys a newer Samsung 4K TV, will it be as good? Leo says in fact, it'll be better. Todays' 4K TVs have HDR, which is great for color and dynamic range. Leo says they're all pretty good now and you can't even notice upscaling on lower resolution content. So buy all means, pick up a Samsung.

Can I still buy an answering machine?

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Silver Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Episode 1463

Bon from San Diego, CA

Bob wants to know where he can get a basic answering machine. Do they make them anymore? Leo says that he can still get them from AT&T and Panasonic. Most of them are cordless though, with a base station for the wireless phones. So it's a phone system and an answering machine all in one. And they're all digital, so there are no tapes to buy. Bob should check Best Buy, Staples, and even Amazon. Leo likes Panasonic because they use the DECT standard.

What's a good cordless phone?

Panasonic KX-TG6843B Cordless Phones

Episode 1384

Walter from Burbank, CA

Walter wants a good cordless phone that is secure. Leo says that DECT is the current state of the art for cordless phones and Leo likes the Panasonic phones. Just make sure it has DECT on the box. It also uses FDMA/TDMA which works to spread out the signal across 10 different channels. There is a rudimentary encryption on it, but it's generally regarded as being rather weak. But weak is better than none.

How can I connect my cell phone to a cordless base station?

Vtech DS6522-4 4 Handset Connect to Cell Answering System

Episode 1297

Keetahn from Walnut, CA

Keetahn wants to know if he can hardwire a speaker to his cell phone that will let people hear the phone ringing in another room. Leo says that a Bluetooth speaker would be ideal, but the problem is that it can lose connectivity and would need re-pairing. Leo says the best is a base station corded phone that he can pair with his cell phone service.

What's the best cordless phone for a landline?

Panasonic Cordless Phone

Episode 1002

Barbara from Simi Valley, CA

Barbara wants to get a cordless landline phone. Leo says he likes Panasonic, and says that Barbara should make sure that whatever model she gets, it come equipped with DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunciations). Leo also says she can get them to also answer the cellphone number while she's at home.

Leo says it's still important to have a regular phone with a landline through an actual phone company (not a cable provider) for emergencies. That way, if the power goes out, there's still a phone that would work from the power provided through the phone jack.

How can I fix my DVD recorder?

Panasonic VHS/DVD Recorder

Episode 951

Morgan from Southern California

Morgan has a Panasonic VHS / DVD recorder and she's trying to record TV sequentially on her DVD. She gets error messages, though. Leo says that the recorder could be finalizing the DVD as it stops recording. It could also be the media discs that Morgan is using. They could be cheap or defective. There are companies online that sell DVD sampler packs. She can also try DVD-RW discs. Morgan is having trouble with both formats, however.