Should I pay for an OwlCam subscription?


Episode 1700

Fred from Upland, CA

Fred recently learned that OWLCam had been sold to CallPassNow, and now he needs to pay an annual subscription of $375 a year to keep using his two cameras. Leo says ouch, but it also includes LTE service, which isn't too bad, considering it will still be able to upload videos instantly again. But will they replace any cameras being stolen? Leo suspects not, since the Owlcam won't probably continue to be made or developed. But if you love the OwlCam, it may be worth to see how long this will last. 

Is it safe to plug my dash cam into my car's diagnostic port?

Owl Dashcam

Episode 1477

Johnny from Atlanta, GA

Johnny bought the Owl Dashcam and needs a few tips. Leo says that the Owl ties into its own LTE connection and communicates to you through your mobile device. It's also voice controlled and can save video clips with a simple command. Johnny is concerned that connecting the Owl to his onboard diagnostic port will void his Audi's warranty. Leo says that connecting to the OBD2 port could give someone access to the car's computer system, but the Owl only draws power from it.