How can I make sure my laptops are running cool?

Episode 1202

Jerry from Queens, NY

Gary is having thermal issues with his laptop. Leo says that there's a sensor that has probably come off the rails. The fans require suction to work properly. If the case isn't in contact, that could be the case. But more likely, it's just a failed sensor. He should also make sure there's no dust blocking the fans and that there's clean airflow. Leo says that he can turn off the setting that could stop it from bugging him.

Why does my laptop randomly shut down?

Episode 1186

Patrick from Riverside, CA

Patrick is a DJ and his laptop shuts down randomly. Sometimes when he closes the lid, and sometimes when he plugs in a USB. Leo says that could be an overheating issue, but more likely there's a short somewhere and that's a serious issue. Laptops are difficult to repair, sadly. Either the fan has gone bad, or there's a lot of dust. Even the thermal paste could have dried out.

How can I stop a computer from rebooting or shutting down?

Computer fan

Episode 1152

Matthew from Diamond Bar, CA

Matthew has an Asus laptop and it restarts from time to time. Leo says that it's crashing and shutting down to protect the hardware from damage. Leo suspects that it's overheating. Matthew can remove the outer case and clean it out with a vaccum cleaner or blower. A fan may also have stopped working, especially one for the CPU. If the thermal paste that attaches the fan to the CPU has dried out, that could be causing overheating issues as well. A flakey power supply is also a possible culprit. Leo suggests finding an independent computer expert that can fix it.

Why does my PC shut down when I transcode video?


Episode 1143

Mike from Fountain, CO

Mike has an old Core 2 Duo Intel computer that's worked fine for 5 years. Now it's starting to shut down when he does transcoding of video. Leo says that overheating is likely the problem. When he's working on processor intensive actions, the chip can heat up, and PCs are designed to shut down when overheating in order to protect the PC. So it may be that he needs to clean out the case, but it may also be that the thermal paste has dried out and it needs to be reapplied.

How hot should my laptop get while gaming?

Alienware laptop

Episode 1142

Ivan from Santa Nella, CA

Ivan is a hardcore gamer and he uses an Alienware laptop. But his laptop has been getting up past 200 degrees. Leo says that's not a good thing. It's normal for a laptop to heat up with a lot of hard core use, but not that much. Leo suspects that Ivan's GPU fan isn't working. It could also be that the thermal paste wasn't applied correctly. Leo advises going back to the store with it and having them fix the issue.

How can I fix my overheating laptop?

CPU fans

Episode 1135

Lou from Los Angeles, CA

Lou bought a laptop about six months ago and now it's shutting down after overheating. He tried using a vaccum cleaner to clean out the dust and that worked for awhile, but it didn't last long. He tried a large fan and while it doesn't shut down, he gets a message that the cooling fan isn't working. Leo says that's probably been happening all along. Most laptops have a cooling fan on the CPU and one by the port. It may be that the fan on the CPU has failed. Lou will probably need to take it apart to replace it.

Why does my computer shut down intermittently?

Episode 1074

John from Orange, CA

John's computer shuts down intermittently. Leo says he has a computer that does it and it's proven to be a flaw, and the company is replacing it. Leo says it's usually related to the power supply, or the computer is overheating. This can trigger a reset. The chat room says it can happen when watching YouTube as video playback is challenging. On the software side, he should make sure he has the latest video card drivers. But if that doesn't work, then he'll have to bring it in.