Is it safe to overclock my computer processor?

Episode 1256

Jerry from Santa Clarita, CA

Jerry has been playing around with overclocking his computer. Could he run it too high? Leo says absolutely. When he starts to see unreliable performance, then he'll know he's clocked it too high. But when overclocking, he'll need to cool it down more and some even rely on liquid cooling. So keep an eye on the temperature, and when he starts to see more crashing, then he'll want to take his foot off the gas a bit.

How can I overclock a computer?

Episode 968

Patrick from Sullivan, IL

Patrick is 10 years old and just built his first gaming computer. Now he wants to overclock it. Leo says that overclocking is where he would make a computer chip run faster than it's rated to run. In order to do it, he'll need to change settings in the motherboard and bump the voltage a bit. Often he would have to cool it down more because the faster it runs, the hotter it gets. If it gets unreliable, it's overheating. It's not usually possible to go more than 5-10% faster. The best place to learn more is at OverClock.net.