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How can I improve my antenna reception?

Episode 1235

Ben from Omaha, NB

Ben watches his TV with an over the air antenna and it occasionally loses signal. Scott says that generally speaking, an OTA antenna inside a home, like an apartment, works best near a window and within line of sight of the transmitter. Scott recommends going to AntennaWeb.org to find out how to maximize his TV reception. He can input his location and it will let him know where to point the antenna. Titan.tv is another source.

Aereo's Individual 'Dime Sized Antennas' Claim Might Not Be True


Episode 1096

The Supreme Court ruled this week that Aereo is no different than a cable company, and should be required to pay retransmission fees. Aereo leases individual dime sized antennas to customers so they can watch local broadcast television for a low monthly fee. But this claim that all of these small antennas work independently from one another could be a lie. It may not technically be possible for such a small antenna to work by itself, and they may instead be working in concert as an array.

How can I get better signal for over-the-air TV?

Episode 985

Glenn from Alexander, LA

Glenn has indoor digital antennas and he says they just don't do a good enough job. He wants to try larger aerial antennas on the roof. Leo says that location could be the issue. He recommends going to AntennaWeb. More and more people are getting their over the air channels on the internet, though. So if he has good internet access, he can go that route. Aereo is a service that takes advantage of that to show live TV, most of the country is now on cable or satellite.