Why can't I type anything in Outlook?

Episode 898

Hannah from Laguna Beach, CA

Hannah can receive emails just fine, but she can't compose them. When she types, she either gets extremely small text or nothing at all. Leo suggests uninstalling Outlook in Control Panel, and reinstalling it. This will reset it to default settings and should resolve her issues. Leo doesn't think it's anything major, just settings that need to be changed.

Even better, she could sign up for a free account at Outlook.com. It's much easier to use and will bypass her issues with Outlook entirely.

Why won't Outlook let me forward an email to a bunch of people individually?


Episode 888

Dave from Michigan

It probably is to protect against spamming. After he sends the same message out three times, Outlook "flashes" and stops allowing him to send it. He needs to make a minor adjustment to it for it to allow him to continue.

Leo thinks there's a better way to do this, though. He can put all the email addresses he wants to forward that message to in the "BCC" field. That way the recipients won't see all of the other email addresses, and he can put all the recipient's email addresses there so he just has to send it once.

How can I reverse a choice I made in Windows Vista, blocking Outlook from accessing the internet?

Episode 879

Rick from Escondido, CA

Rick is having trouble with Outlook and his Exchange Server. He said he was using POP3 to connect to his cable provider which he assumed was an Exchange server. Leo said Exchange is not POP3, however, because Exchange has its own protocol which is actually more sophisticated. POP3 is the old "Post Office Protocol", which stores the email on the internet service provider's servers only until you gather it, and then deletes it from the server. Exchange always keeps the email on the server.

How can I sync my Android 'HTC Incredible' phone's contacts with Microsoft Outlook?

Episode 875

Rene from Long Beach, CA

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook will not sync contacts with Android phones, and in fact it doesn't even sync with Windows Phone 7 either. There are a few ways Rene can accomplish this goal, however.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • If Rene were using a Microsoft Exchange Server, then it would be possible. Most corporations use this, and with the Exchange Server it works fine.