How can I sync my Outlook calendars?

Episode 999

John from St. Georges, UT

John can't get his Outlook calendar to sync. Leo says syncing is a dark art. Issues in sync include data duplication, and multiple calendar users. His issue is with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Leo says that Outlook is a poorly written Calendar. Leo advises getting rid of it altogether and relying solely on Google Calendar. It'll work with anything, any platform (except Outlook, obviously), and it'll sync. He should make sure Outlook email and announcements are set in his settings. He should have no issues once he goes to Google exclusively.

How can I get email sent to an address on a custom domain?

Episode 984

Neil from Phoenix, AZ

Neil has bought his own domain using Hover, and wants to use the email address that comes with it. Leo says all he has to do is purchase the email forwarding from Hover for $5 a year, and have all of his mail forwarded to his free gmail account. He can also set it up to sync with Outlook. Then he can set up Outlook to use the custom domain address as the return address. Gmail has an option that will do this too, which is called "mail delegation".

(Disclaimer: Hover is a sponsor).

How can I download Yahoo Mail with Outlook?

Episode 963

Winn from Moorpark, CA

Winn has been having trouble downloading his Yahoo Mail with Outlook 2010. Leo says to delete the account completely from Outlook and re-enter it. It may also be that Winn has to buy the Yahoo pro account to have Pop3 access. Leo suggests dumping Yahoo and using Gmail instead. Gmail can collect all email for him and keep it central. It's also better at fighting spam.

How do I change the language in my Safari browser back to English?

Episode 925

Burt from Honolulu, HI

Burt is having problems with his browser displaying the wrong language. This happens on his work computer too. Leo says that websites are automatically adapting to the location of the browser.

First he should make sure he's going to outlook.com instead of some other international domain. He also should go into the system preference pane and make sure that it's set for English under 'Language'. He should also set his region for the U.S. Next he can try to "reset Safari" in the menu bar.

Why does Microsoft Outlook frequently prompt me for the 'network password'?

Episode 919

Don from Cypress, CA

Leo says he had the same problem and stopped using Outlook as a result. Here is article on Lockergnome that will talk him through how to reset and fix the issue. Compressing his email files would help as well since once they get over 2GB, problems ensue.

He could also start using Outlook.com through his browser instead.

Is there an email provider that's easier to use than Yahoo! Mail? (Part 1)

Episode 901

Marge from Los Angeles, CA

Microsoft has introduced a new email system that's much cleaner, easier to use and free. She can get it at Outlook.com. It also has good junk mail filtering, and a feature called "Sweep" which will get rid of unwanted emails based on rules she can set. This is basically the new version of Hotmail.