How can I get my old email onto my new iPhone?

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Episode 1120

Evan from San Diego, CA

Evan got an iPhone 6 and set up his Outlook account. However, the folders that he has set up appeared without the emails that were inside of them. Leo says that Outlook uses Exchange and it should get duplicated, but it could be stuck. He should try removing it and adding it again. It may also be that the older emails won't show up since the OS doesn't want to overwhelm the phone by downloading thousands of emails. There may be a setting in email that would allow him go to back and get the older email.

How can I speed up Microsoft Outlook?


Episode 1106

Stephen from Bakersfield, CA

Stephen is using an old 2003 version of Windows Office. Should he upgrade? Outlook has been running slow for him. Leo says he doesn't have to upgrade. It looks different, and there's more features in the new version, but it's not necessary. As long as it works, he can keep using it. One difference, though, is that Microsoft Outlook puts everything in one giant PST file. And when it gets too big, it can get corrupted. Turning on Archiving will help because it'll archive the old stuff and keep the Outlook file smaller. He can also reindex his outlook.pst file.

How can I use email in Outlook 2000 on Comcast?

Episode 1096

John from San Diego, CA

John's friend uses Outlook and when he moved, Outlook can't find his email server. Leo says that it's likely that Comcast altered settings that prevents him from seeing it. Outlook doesn't support the standard port 25 SMTP port. So he'll have to use the secure SSL ports. He can enable that in settings, and then he should select port 465 or 993. Comcast blocks port 25. Here's a technote on how to use his email client from Comcast.

How can I get Outlook to open?

Episode 1089

Doug from Upton, CA

Doug has an Outlook problem. He can't start it, open it, or access any of the data. Leo says that Outlook is a hassle because it puts all it's data into one big furball of a PST file. Often it can get corrupted, and then causes this kind of issue.

Doug could try to locate that PST file, back it up, move it out, and then hold down the ALT key and select "rebuild the index file." Microsoft has a tech note on how to do it.

Should I get a VPN for my Android phone?

Episode 1087

Bob from Walnut Creek, CA

Leo says that a security guru would say that under no circumstances should he use a public Wi-Fi network unless all traffic on that network is encrypted, and the best way to do that is with a VPN. It encrypts all the traffic coming from a phone or computer all the way to a VPN server, which could be something he runs in his home, or a provider runs for him. At some point, everything he does is on the public internet, but at least his traffic wouldn't be broadcast to the entire coffee shop.

Has my Windows Phone been compromised?

Nokia Lumia 900

Episode 1087

Jeff from Seattle, WA

Rick discovered that his Windows smartphone connects to Wi-Fi without his permission and he believes his microsoft ID was compromised by a hacker. Leo says that somewhere in the settings there could be a feature that logs him in wherever he goes. It also could be a carrier feature. AT&T phones will connect automatically when they see an AT&T sponsored Wi-Fi site, which can be frustrating. Windows Phones have an option to turn it off though in settings.

Why did Outlook stop working?

Episode 1086

Byron from Irvine, CA

Byron has a Windows Vista machine, but after the update on May 16th, Outlook stopped working. The upgrade is constantly "in progress." Leo says what he doesn't like about Outlook is that everything is stored in one huge ball of a PST file and when it gets too big, it gets corrupted.

Bryon need to reindex the file, and there's a repair tool for that. He should go to Run > ScanPST.exe, and find the Outlook.PST file. Select "repair". That should fix it. Leo also recommends backing up that file from time to time, that way if it does corrupt, he can merely replace it.

How can I get my email in Mozilla Thunderbird backed up to Carbonite?

Episode 1048

David from Los Angeles, CA

Chris uses Carbonite and wants to know if there's a better email program than Outlook. He also wants to know if that would make it better for backing up. Leo says that Outlook puts everything in one giant .pst file, but Mozilla Thunderbird breaks it out into individual files. Carbonite or any backup company just will backup whatever files he has, it won't care what program he's using. It's up to him to have it backup the right files. So as long as he backs up his Thunderbird Profile, he should be OK.

How do I stop people I don't know from syncing to my contacts?

Episode 1043

Michele from Los Angeles, CA

Michele got a text from someone saying "Merry Christmas" and she has no idea who it is, though he's in her contacts. Leo suggests that it may be someone through social media - via Google+ or Facebook, which can be set up to automatically sync to a contact list. Twitter, Linked In, and Skype may do this as well. Outside of that, Outlook has a setting that automatically adds anyone she would email to her contact list. If she can narrow it down to where these contacts are coming from, then she can disable the sync option to her contacts.

How can I get my computer running faster?

Episode 1023

James from

James has noticed his computer is running slower. Leo says that the first presumption is malware, but it could also be a hardware issue like hard drive problems. A hard drive gets flakey and can't read a sector readily, it can slow down your computer. Java can also cause the issue and you don't need it for most issues, so Leo suggests disabling it, especially in your browser. And Leo suggests turning on automatic updates.