Microsoft Announces 100 Million Copies of Windows 8

Episode 977

Microsoft announced that this week they sold their 100 millionth license of Windows 8. Leo says that while that sounds impressive, it doesn't mean there's a 100 million copies of Windows out there, just that 100 million licenses have been sold to retailers and manufacturers.

Despite 100 million licenses sold, Windows 8 install base estimated at 59 million…

Facebook Sends Invites for Rumored New OS on Android

Episode 965

In what Leo says is a modern day example of Icarus' like hubris, Facebook has sent out invitations for a Facebook flavor of Android OS. Leo believes that Facebook is full of itself in believing that people want to live their entire lives on the platform. Leo thinks that people use Facebook, but they don't love it enough to have all Facebook, all the time. Leo's betting that Facebook's ego will come crashing down once they release this phone and nobody buys it. It'll remind people that they don't have to use Facebook all the time.

How can I bypass a login screen on a used computer?

Episode 946

Delores from Philadelphia, PA

Delores got a used computer and she needs to access the user name and password. Sometimes, an administrator account with no password is left on the PC. So when she boots it up, press the F8 function key and enter the login name - administrator - and hit return. It doesn't work on all computers or operating systems. After XP is when it stopped, but it's worth a try.