OS X Snow Leopard

Why does Skype always crash on my Mac?

Episode 1168

Lance from Los Angeles, CA

Lance is having issues using Skype in OS X Snow Leopard. It always crashes on launch. Leo says that it should work on Snow Leopard. Leo recommends completely uninstalling Skype. Merely dragging the icon to the trash isn't enough. Lance should look for additional files in Application support, and get rid of them.

He should run Disk Utility and App Cleaner to get rid of any traces of the application. He'll want to start from total scratch and then reinstall Skype. It should get backup and running for him. Odds are, there's bad file fragments lurking about that's causing it.

Why can't I upgrade my Mac Pro to OS X Snow Leopard?

Episode 1061

Jerry from Fort Myers, FL

Jerry is trying to update OS X Tiger to Snow Leopard and he's getting an error saying the computer can't handle it. Leo says that's a common issue and it depends on how old the Mac is. Leo advises going to EveryMac.com to check what the highest level OS a given Mac can take. According to that, it's OS 10.7.5. So Jerry shouldn't have an issue with Snow Leopard. Jerry should try Lion instead. It is the most recent that he can use.