OS X Mountain Lion

What do I do if Google won't support my old Mac?

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Episode 1381

Josh from Georgia

Josh bought one of the last 17" MacBook Pros a few years back and he just got a message that Safari will not be supported by Google on it. Leo says that Google is starting to do that, and Apple isn't going to update it past Mountain Lion. So Leo recommends using Google Chrome. It'll be up to date. Chrome can also import all of his Safari bookmarks, too.

Can I clone my MacBook Pro drive and install it on my Mac Pro?

Episode 1185

Brennan from Orange County, CA

Brennan has a 2012 MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. He also has a 2010 Mac Pro. He uses both for audio engineering. He has everything set up, and he wants to know if he could clone the MacBook Pro and then put that onto his Mac Pro. Leo says he may be able to. He could try making a bootable drive from a USB key and then selecting that when booting up the Mac Pro to see if it works. OS X should be smart enough to install any missing drivers. Otherwise he can always run the OS X installer and reinstall the OS directly

How do I send a fax in OS X Mountain Lion?

USB Voice Modem

Episode 938

Joe from Pomona, CA

Joe had an older Mac that would allow him to send a fax through OS X, but his new computer won't do that in Mountain Lion. Leo says that was abandoned in the new version of OS X, so he can't do that function anymore with that old fax/modem. Joe needs a voice modem for faxing that's compatible with Mountain Lion. It'll likely need to be external. Leo prefers to use an online fax service, like eFax or MyFax.

Will upgrading to Mountain Lion rearrange the partitions on my Macbook drive?

Episode 911

William from Puerto Rico

William has a Macbook, and he's dual booting Windows 7 and Snow Leopard with Boot Camp. He's wondering if upgrading to Mountain Lion would rearrange his partitions.

Leo says it won't, and it's pretty easy to do it. It will create a recovery partition for it, but it's pretty straight forward and won't affect other partitions. Leo recommends that he do the upgrade in place.