OS X Mavericks

Should I install an update from Microsoft on my Mac?


Episode 1109

Tony from Indianapolis, IN

Tony is getting an update error for an update that requires a "licensing agreement" for using OS X Mavericks and Microsoft Office on his Mac. Leo says it sounds like an Office issue and having to agree to their EULA is a standard thing. It's safe to install. Ideally, they're supposed to apply the updates automatically, but apparently not in this case. It could be a setting that's been disabled.

Why is my Mac slower with OS X Mavericks?

Episode 1058

Dan from Montclair, NJ

Dan installed OS X Mavericks on his 2009 MacBook Pro and he says he's taken a "speed hit" with a lot of beach balls. Leo says it's best to try and do a clean install to eliminate any rogue fragments of the old OS. If that doesn't fix it, then it may be that the internal drive is starting to get a bit flakey, especially since Dan also booted from a backup external hard drive which worked fine. It may be time to get his data off and replace that hard drive.

Can I put OS X Mavericks on my 2007 MacBook Pro?

Episode 1058

Aurelia from Riverside, CA

Aurelia has a 2007 MacBook Pro and wants to know if OS X Mavericks would work on it. Leo says it's right on the edge and it depends. It may actually come down to RAM. 2GB of RAM is a bit light. Even if it will install, it may be slower, not faster, and it would be difficult to go backwards. Apple's recommendations call for 2008 or later. Leo recommends going with Lion, but no later. It's really time to start saving up for a new Mac.

How can I speed up my Mac running Mavericks?

Episode 1051

Chris from Miami, OH

Chris is still having issues with OS X Mavericks and wonders if upgrading to 8GB of RAM would help it's performance. Leo says not really unless he's doing video or photo editing. If the Mac is running slow, it won't hurt to double the RAM. 8GB is a bit of a sweet spot, though, and it could help if he's having performance issues with the OS. But the real issue could be Mavericks itself. It's filled with bugs and Apple needs to fix it. The chatroom also says to go into the activity monitor and view his RAM usage. That could show him where the issue really lies.

Should I wait to get an iMac?


Episode 1037

Fran from Irvine, CA

Fran wants to know if she should upgrade to OS X Mavericks if she buys a 21" iMac from Apple. Leo says it's odd that Apple is shipping their latest hardware without Mavericks. It should already be installed. If not, she can easily download and install it from Apple. It's a free upgrade. What about a fusion drive? Leo says it's not really worth the extra price. She should go with either a hard drive or, better yet, an SSD.