How Can I Learn More About Linux?

pop os

Episode 1796

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey has a PC running PopOS Linux but he wants to learn more about the secrets of the system. Leo says that there are books, but generally, it's through communities that you learn. REDDIT has many good subreddits. Reddit.com/r/linux is the definitive subreddit for it. Also, the Pop_OS subreddit would be good. Reddit.com/r/pop_os. There are also Linux and PopOS communities on Discord. That would be good too. 

Wipe Your Drive and Reinstall if Your Windows PC has Been Infected With Malware

If you've been infected with malware, wipe your drive and start over. Reinstall Windows. If it's a rogue employee of a company you were calling, contact the company and let them know. Any general-purpose operating system is vulnerable to these kinds of malware attacks. If you positively need to use Windows at home, you sort of should become a guru of PC security to protect yourself. Windows shouldn't be your default OS pick anymore.

Do I really have to upgrade my iMac to OSX Mojave?

Episode 1560

Jack from Garden Grove, CA

Jack's iMac runs El Capitan, and his iMovie and Garage Band have stopped working. He has been told he has to upgrade to get them working back. But he's hesitant. Leo says that it's OK and you should upgrade. Apple isn't like Windows. You can safely go to Mojave, or at least High Sierra. Why did your apps stop working? That's a puzzle. Maybe your graphics card is too old? Or Apple may have just broken the connectivity. Upgrading to Mojave though is important for security reasons.

Should I update my iPhone?


Episode 1395

Barry from San Diego, CA

Barry wants to know if he has to update his iPhone's OS. He's worried the update could brick his phone. Leo says that's always possible with updates, but the benefit of having the latest OS outweighs the slight risk that it could hurt the phone. He should always update because there are security patches and critical updates that are a must. Sometimes there's a bad update, but it's really rare, especially in the iPhone. There's new features in iOS 10 that make the phone run smoother as well.

Why can't I wake up my PC?

Episode 1287

Jeff from Aliso Viejo, CA

Jeff upgraded Windows 10 but his password doesn't work when his computer goes to sleep. He wakes it up and it won't unlock. But he can put in a random password and it works! Shut down doesn't work. Leo says that Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock can be accidentally hit and it'll lock him out because he's not actually typing it correctly. Restarting will reset the state of the locked buttons. Leo says just to start over and re-upgrade. But since it's a new computer, it may be wise to just return it and get a different one. Something is flakey.

Why does my computer run so slow?

Episode 1039

Scott from Realto, CA

Scott uses both Chrome and Internet Explorer on his old Dell Latitude, but I.E. is really slow. Leo says that's because the computer is older. He believes that if Scott backed up his data, formatted his hard drive, and then reinstalled the OS and updated it, he'd notice an immediate improvement in speed. Scott also noticed that his updates aren't installing. Leo says that's likely a sign that the computer's security has been breached. It's time to reformat and reinstall Windows.

What is the "other" category on my iPhone?

Episode 1034

Jonathan from Birch, VA

Jonathan was checking to see how much space he had used on his iPhone, and noticed a category named "other", and is wondering what it is. Leo says it's application data that's been cached like downloaded files, OS backup files, websites, ebooks, etc. Leo says not to worry about it. It's a normal category that he really can't get rid of, unless he erases everything on his phone and starts over. Sometimes deleting old text messages can free up some of that space.

Should I upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Episode 988

Kiki from Portland, OR

Kiki is a secretary for an organization, and needs to get a separate computer to manage it. She's using XP now, and she can get a good deal on a Windows 7 Dell machine. She's leery of Windows 8. She's wondering if she should just get the Windows 7 machine, or wait and go with Windows 8. Leo says that Windows 8.1 will be better in the fall, but there's no need to wait. Leo's office uses Windows 7. One thing to check out though is Microsoft Office 365.

Should I install Windows XP onto my computer?

Episode 982

Rick from Orange, CA

Rick wants to know if he should install XP onto his computer. Leo says that Rick can, but after next summer Microsoft will no loner support it. So he won't get any more security updates. Then again, it's been 10 years, so it's largely very mature and hackers have moved on to newer platforms. Leo says that Windows 7 is a leaner, meaner and cleaner OS.