How can I get organized?

Episode 1307

Kevin from Granada Hills, CA

Kevin would like to get organized and wants a good program to be able to make lists and order them in priority. Leo says there are as many options as there are people. On iOS there's Things, which is about $10, and Leo likes it. Things uses the Getting Things Done methodology. Ideally, Kevin will want one that will work across platform.

How can I organize scanned photos?

Episode 1084

Bernie from Colorado

Bernie is scanning slides into his computer and wants to organize them in groups. Leo says that the best way is to create an album first. Then scan them into that album. Picasa will let him do that, as will iPhoto. He can rename all the files, but that's a bit complicated. Picasa does have a batch file name utility, then he could sort by that. For iPhoto, he can create an album that will allow it to stay in order. Then he can reorder them within that album.