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What are the best alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud?

Episode 1004

Kevin from Memphis, TN

Kevin is looking for an alternative to Adobe's Creative Cloud since he thinks that $40 a month to use Photoshop is too much. Leo says that Adobe has been wanting to do this for a long time. Adobe is afraid of piracy and have figured out they can make more money by renting out the software instead of selling it.

Here are some other solutions:

What kind of phone are you using at the brickhouse?

Episode 955

Sean from Ohio

Sean is interested in Leo's Ring Central Sound Point SIP IP670Sip phone. Leo says it's a fantastic phone and Ring Central is a great service for VOIP PBX service. If he wants to go open source, Leo says that Asterix is very powerful, open source, PBX software that will enable him to use landlines and cellphones to manage his own PBX phone system.