One Plus One

What mobile phones have swappable batteries?

Episode 1195

Mark from WGMD

Mark is on his third HTC One phone. It keeps breaking and has lousy battery life. Leo says that is the most annoying thing about smartphones is battery life. It's awful. There are two ways that Android phone manufacturers have addressed it ... the first is Quick Charge, which will recharge your phone in about an hour. The other options is to choose an Android model that allows you to swap out a secondary battery. LG has the G4 and it's easy to open and replace the battery. In fact, LG offers a second battery in a kit with a mini sd card. The Samsung Galaxy Note IV is another.

What pay as you go phone is good for Verizon?

Episode 1185

Mike from Indiana, PA

Mike's contract is up with Verizon and he's looking to get a new phone. He wants to buy his own phone and go month to month and get off the contract. Leo says that family plans are beneficial and he wonders why people just don't get together to get one. Leo says that the Droid Turbo is quite nice. The MotoX is a nice size. If you can still get a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, it's a great phone, and you may be able to get it free. Verizon also allows you to bring a phone to your pay as you go. The One Plus One may be able to work on Verizon.

Should I buy another HTC One or something else?

Samsung Galaxy Note IV

Episode 1170

Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan's HTC One M8 died yesterday after he dropped it and he's looking to replace it. Leo says that the mistake of mobile phone makers today is that they make phones all glass now, making them really easy to break if dropped. Should he get another M8?

Leo says that the M8 has great battery life, but why not get the next generation, the M9, when it comes out later this month? If he needs one right now, it's a great time to buy a phone as people are selling their phones used.

Why does my OnePlus One phone keep rebooting?

OnePlus One

Episode 1147

Thomas from North Hills, CA

Thomas has a OnePlus One phone, and he's having problems with it rebooting on its own. What can he do? He can't contact the company. Leo says that it's an operating system issue, chiefly the firmware. OnePlus One is a Chinese company that doesn't offer support outside of China. So the best Thomas can do is replace the firmware.

The chatroom says that if he turns off NFC, the rebooting will stop. That lends to the idea that there's a radio issue with it. Thomas should also try doing a factory reset and loading one app at a time to see if there's a conflict with an app.

Can I boost a Bluetooth signal?


Episode 1130

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA

Sam has a Logitech Keyboard and he wants to know if the bluetooth signal can be boosted. Leo says he can't because Logitech doesn't use Bluetooth. It uses a proprietary signal. He should just get a Bluetooth keyboard, if his computer supports it. If his computer doesn't support it, he could still buy Bluetooth dongles and add devices that way. Leo suspects that Logitech limits the range of it's capability because of interference and security reasons.

I have a bricked One Plus One!

Episode 1118

Ron from Anchorage, AL

Ron had a One Plus One, and it's a great phone, but the customer service is terrible. His phone broke and he's had a hell of a time getting his problems addressed. Leo says you'd have to send your handset overseas after logging to their website and communicate via eMail. And it's tedious. But considering the cost you paid for the phone ($350), there's no margin to offer support. Leo says it's a desirable phone, at an impressive price, but if support is bad, that's a bad thing.