Should I buy the DJI Osmo camera?

DJI Osmo

Episode 1227

Jay from San Francisco, CA

Jay is thinking about getting the , but he's interested in DJI's new Osmo Gimbal based camera. Leo says that it looks like a gimmick. Having said that, the image stabilization features of the Osmo are fantastic for shooting video. Leo says to think of the Osmo as a GoPro with stabilization built-in. It's great for action camera shots, but does he want that for his main photo rig?

What's the best video camera for a kid?

Olympus TG-2

Episode 1074

Jenny from Cypress, CA

Jenny's daughter wants a video camera, what should she get? Leo says that since Jenny's daughter has an iPhone, she already has a great camera there. Camcorders are dying. So Leo recommends getting a point and shoot camera with a good zoom. They shoot great HD video these days.

Leo likes the Olympus TG-2. It's a tough camera that's both dust proof and water proof.

What camera should I buy my wife?

Episode 1066

Kevin from Iowa

Kevin wants to get his wife a nice DSLR, but he's confused by the sensor sizes. Should he get CMOS or CCD? Leo says that all DSLRs have CMOS sensors now, and they come in various sizes; usually APS-C, full frame, or micro four-thirds sensors. The bigger the sensor, the more light it can take in. Naturally, full frame is more expensive and tends to be in professional grade cameras. But that doesn't mean that APS-C isn't good. It's great, especially for the hobbyist. Having more megapixels is also a good thing, but only to a point.

Should I buy another Olympus camera?

Episode 1006

Gary from PEI, Canada

Gary had an old Olympus 512 Ultrazoom that he learned a lot with. He's thinking of getting a new camera, but should he stay with Olympus? Leo is a big fan of Olympus. Leo says going with another is a great idea. One disadvantage is that some older Olympus cameras use xD cards. He'll want to go with SD cards because they're standard. The other problem with point and shoots is a single focal length, which is why the Micro Four-Thirds Olympus PENs are a good option.

What's the best cloud storage backup for external drives? (Part 2)

Episode 998

Vicky from California

Leo says that DropBox is a great option for students, which has 5GB free.

For pictures, Flickr has given users 1 TB of data for free. So that's a solid option to upload images. Or, she can just backup those images to an external hard drive and then take the hard drive off site.

She's also wondering what voice recorders would be best for school. Leo says Olympus makes some very inexpensive voice recorders.

What's the best DSLR for travel?

Olympus OM-D

Episode 963

Burt from Orange County, CA

Burt and his wife are traveling to Europe this year and he wants to get a DSLR. Leo says that Canon just announced two new cameras, the EOS T5i and the Rebel SL1, which Canon says is the world's smallest digital SLR. Leo, though, has recently switched to the mirrorless micro 4/3s format and he loves it. It's the Olympus OM-D. It's very thin and light, and he can have interchangeable lenses.