Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1199

Scott keeps getting questions about when to buy a new Ultra High Definition TV, and he says it's all in the timing. Unless you're an early adopter that has money to burn on a new TV every year or two, the timing just isn't right to get a 4K TV. Sure, prices have dropped, but there isn't a standard that is wide spread just yet. Plus, with four times the resolution, you either have to get a screen that is over 70" or you have to sit up to half as close. Otherwise, you lose the benefit of the additional resolution and you may as well own an HDTV.

Scott Wilkinson at CES 2015

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1151

Scott has spent the last week at CES and he put 28 miles on his feet in 5 days! What was the big news? Scott says that the biggest announcement was the formation of the UHD Alliance, an organization formed to create standards for 4K transmission and content. The new specs need to have dynamic range and color gamut kept in mind. Right now, content is graded and mastered from HD standards of the last 10 years. But now, the UHD Alliance, which consists of studios, TV makers, and content distributors, will get together to create a 4K standard, and you'd be stunned how great it looks.

Should I buy a 4K TV or a 1080p OLED TV?


Episode 1144

Marco from Chatsworth, CA

Marco is thinking of buying either a Samsung 55" 4K LCD or an LG OLED 1080p TV. Which should he buy? Leo says that OLED is amazing and it will actually look better than the LCD 4K by Samsung.

Marco shouldn't worry about future proofing, because the 4K standard hasn't been defined yet and it's very likely a 4K TV bought today won't be as good as it can be down the road. He should wait to buy 4K until after the standards are set. Right now, there's no reason to get it. So he should go with the OLED. That's what Leo did, and he loves his.

If money were no object, what 60-65 inch LED TV would you get?

Sony X950B

Episode 1098

Roger from Torrance, CA

Scott says he would get the Sony X950B 4K TV. Roger says that one won't work for him. David adds in that if money were no object, he'd get an OLED TV, but that would be a curved screen. Scott says he might opt for the LG 77" for $30,000, but Roger apparently is at least a little price conscious. Scott thinks that at 77", a curved screen might be ok. LG's screens also are only slightly curved, not as curved as Samsung's displays. The Vizio Reference Series will be making a 65" display, and both Scott and David recommend waiting for that one.

Scott Wilkinson Goes to CES

Scott Wilkinson at CES

Episode 1045

Scott joins us via phone to talk about CES, which is coming Tuesday in Las Vegas, NV. Leo says it's the last big digital trade show in the United States with hundreds of thousands of people and products in attendance. The idea is to bring manufacturers with dealers to see what's coming, and often, concept products are also shown which may or may not ever be released. Last year, it was 4K OLED TVs, which Leo says was a tease. Scott says we'll definitely see more 4K TVs for sure, but maybe some more OLED too. Leo bought an OLED TV, and it wasn't cheap at all.

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1035

This week's home theater segment with Scott Wilkinson also marks the return of Scott's annual holiday concert known as Tuba Christmas! Scott also avoided Black Friday like the plague, even though there were some great deals to be had. Leo says that a lot of people probably scored deals on HDTVs yesterday, but Scott says that the week before the Super Bowl is even bigger. Scott's favorite TV is still plasma, too. It still has the best picture if you have a room that you can darken.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1011

Scott says that this week at the IFA show, LG introduced a 77" OLED UHD TV and they're going to make them ever larger. Some people call them 4K TVs, but that's somewhat of a misnomer. It's got higher resolution, but it's not strictly 4k. Leo wonders if he'll regret spending so much on an HD TV with UHD coming out now, but Scott says that at those sizes, Leo really won't see the difference. There isn't really any native UHD content yet. Sony, however, is launching a UHD service but their UHD boxes will only work Sony UHD TVs.

Scott Wilkinson and Leo's OLED TV

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1009

Leo says that because of Scott, Leo ended up buying a $9,000 55" OLED HDTV. Leo says it's the best picture he's ever seen. Scott says that we're just now seeing OLED being scaled up to larger displays and over time, the price will drop. But it has no backlighting or edge lighting, and the blacks are pure black. Leo says it's very sophisticated with motion control, and has a voice activated remote. It just needs calibrating and Scott can't wait to do it! Scott also says that OLED's color and contrast also stays the same as you go "off axis" from the center.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1005

Two years ago, Scott and Leo saw prototypes for large screen OLED TVs ($15,000 for a 55" TV). Two years later, LG announces a 55" curved OLED screen for $9,000. Why the curve? Scott says that it has little to do with technical benefits, and more to do with differentiation. Are they better? Scott hopes to find out. Leo says he just bought one and perhaps he and Robert Herron can come up to Leo's house to calibrate and test it.