Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1408

This week was the Flat Panel Shoot Out for HDTVs, and Scott has the results. This year, the shootout took place in association with CE week and featured mostly flagship TVs in a head to head evaluation. All TVs were professionally calibrated and fed the same TV feed. Then professional colorists made the determination of what TVs were best. There was also a Sony 30" OLED Broadcast video monitor which was used as the standard to compare to.

Should I calibrate my TV?

Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics

Episode 1396

Tracy from Manhattan Beach, CA

Tracy just replaced his Pioneer Kuro with an LG B7 OLED TV. Scott says it's a pity he had to, because it was the best TV ever made, but all good things come to an end. Should he calibrate the LG OLED? Scott says he can pay a professional to calibrate his TV, but he can get about 80% of the way by selecting the "Cinema" mode in the settings. He can also get HD Blu-ray DV Essentials to help dial in the settings.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1354

Scott is back from CES and he put 25.5 miles on his feet, and that's just in the Central Hall! He saw the latest QLED system, which creates more white light to pass through the LCD panel and get color from filters. Quantum dots, however, aren't really LEDs, they're just really small dots of a material that can then absorb light and radiate another color. Scott says that OLED TV prices have remained consistent, while the quality of the screens has improved. OLED is still the best screen you can get.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1352

Scott is in Vegas for CES and he's seen a ton of cool new home theater stuff. Sony has announced a new OLED TV in which the entire screen is a speaker, and LG has a cool new one called "The Wallpaper" TV because it's only 4mm thick and attaches to the wall with magnets. Scott says that 4K and HDR are all around at CES this year, and he says that Samsung is ahead of the game with color saturation and brightness. There was also a bunch of TVs that support voice command through Amazon Echo and Google Home. Plasma is all gone now. But Sony also introduced Cletus, a micro LED screen.

Can I mount my LCD to the fireplace?

Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Episode 1331

Darren from Los Angeles, CA

Darren's living room is all glass and the only place to put his TV is above the fireplace. Scott isn't much of a fan of that because the viewing angle is hard on the neck. Will it be bad for the TV though? It shouldn't be affected by heat because a fireplace is protected from heat transfer into the walls. The chatroom says to take the fireplace out and put the TV there.