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What Do I Do to Give an Old Laptop To My Grandkids?


Episode 1743

Jimmy from Pennsylvania

Jimmy wants to recycle his old laptop by giving it to his grandkids. Leo says he will want to wipe the drive. There is a temptation to give it as is so that they'll have programs, etc. But it's far more secure to wipe the drive and start over. The good news is that Windows 10 is an entitlement for the computer, not the user. So he can use the Windows Media Creation Tool to put Windows 10 on a USB and then format the drive and reinstall Windows.

How can I get data off an old hard drive?

Hard drives

Episode 1558

Jim from Escondido, CA

Jim has a few old laptops that died on him. What can he do with him? Can he recycle them? What about the data on the old hard drives? Leo says he can pull out the hard drives before he donates them. Also, older laptops often will work on the AC adapter by taking out the battery. If it works without the battery installed, then he can move them over to another drive or thumb drive. But he shouldn't get rid of those old hard drives. That's a security risk.

What can I do with my old laptop?

Episode 1223

Sandy from California

Sandy bought a new laptop, but at what point should she dump the old one? Leo says that there's no hurry, and there's likely data on it that she'll want to keep. Charities would love it, though. They'll fix it up and put Linux on it. Sandy should back up the data on it and wipe the hard drive, then donate it. The Cristina Foundation is a national organization that will take old computers and breathe new life into them.