How Can I Mass Scan a Bunch of Text With an iPhone?


Episode 1711

Todd from Cincinnati

Todd has over 50,000 45RPM record collection from running a jukebox vending machine company back in the day. How can he organize them? Can he use optional character recognition (OCR) and his mobile phone to create a database? He could then take them online and sell them. Leo says as long as the label is easy to read, he can definitely do it. There are dozens, if not more, OCR scanning apps that can create it. He'll want an easel to hold the record still. 

What's a good scanner for documents?

Epson WorkForce ES-500W

Episode 1528

Joseph from Holden, MA

Joseph wants to know what scanners and OCR software is the most accurate. Leo says that optical character recognition software has made great strides, but it isn't perfect. It still has issues with tiny letters and handwriting. If he's looking for a perfect copy of a text, it's not really going to give him a letter for letter identification. But it will be close. Nuance makes the best software out there.

How can I digitize a large amount of documents without the transcription errors?

Episode 900

Robert from Carlsbad, CA

There's two ways to do it. He could do it manually, but with up to 300,000 pages, that would just be too daunting. The other option is to do it mechanically using a sheet feed scanner. He can put in hundreds of pages at a time. Now he'll have an image, not editable text. To convert these to text documents, he'll need to get optical character recognition (OCR) software, which comes with most scanners. That will go through it and do the best it can to transcribe it. There is OCR software that is specifically made to handle medical documents, so he might want to look for that.